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Without the right amount of design, things don't work properly.

At elucid we belief firmly in getting to know the problem before we start to craft a solution. We employ design principles and years of experience to arrive at the most effective and enjoyable solution to your problems.

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Measure twice. Cut once.

The first rule of carpentry*

Outside in

elucid design defines the problem before evolving a solution

Full stack

elucid understands business, users, security, code, network infrastructure and server platforms


elucid builds with latest HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React and Ruby on Rails


elucid builds more than just websites; increasingly, we also work with APIs and data feeds. Many years of experience, starting before the web existed and spanning corporate, startup and agency projects in Australia and the UK, is applied to each piece of work.


Leading financial comparison site. Designed and built from scratch.


Financial comparison sections and sales widgets. Built from scratch.


Financial comparison section. Designed and built from scratch.

Virgin Money

Site designed and rebuilt from scratch (new site now).


Pitched for and built from scratch. Now part of DFAT.

Millennium Dome

Touchscreen experiences. Designed for and used by millions.

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chris.stephens@elucid.com.au 0403 074 567